Frank OZO – Magic Diamond Jack

Frank OZO – Magic Diamond Jack


Starring the one and only, Frank OZO

The musical magical journey, of magic Diamond Jack, standing at the crossroads.

An entertaining Show not to be missed!

Action packed show with comedy musical cabaret theatre show about unfunny stuff. Live blues music, sleight of hand illusion, puppetry, and commedia del’arte inspired clowning routines are woven together in a narrative monologue about infidelity and domestic abuse that describes the breakdown of a loving relationship and ponders common myths such as: “What makes a sweet guy turn so mean?” And asks: “Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?”

Sydney based performer Frank Ozo is a veteran of the ‘ozzy new circus’ era that originated in Adelaide in the 70’s. He is one of the few remaining travelling all-rounders who were a ‘dime a dozen’ in the old days but are getting hard to find now. “I dropped out of Uni and couldn’t fall back on a proper job. I’m  a typical boomer, still hogging the lime light.”

Tickets available from Fringe tix on the link below 👇👇👇